It's not Type 55 but it's beautiful.

Leaf (New55 Negative)
Leaf (New55 print)

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Swirly tree

In 1978 my dad got a Konica TC for a once in a lifetime trip to Hawaii. I frequently borrowed it, and it got me hooked on 35mm.

In high school I worked first at a deli and then at a video store to save up money for my own camera. In 1981 I went to 47th St. Photo in New York and paid cash for a new Olympus OM-1n and a 100mm lens.

My next purchase was a wide angle lens. The Vivitar 24mm f/2.0 was a piece of crap but it was all I could afford at the time, about 1/3 of the price of the remarkable Olympus 24 f/2.0.

This photo from 1983 was shot with the Vivitar, probably at f/2.0. I can tell because it is a visual encyclopedia of lens aberrations. I like it anyway. The lens, passably sharp at f/5.6 and beyond, served me through my collegiate PJ career. If I remember correctly, the front bezel and lens element came unscrewed and fell off.

I find the strangest stuff, part 2

Walking the dog the other day I saw some Jobo developing tanks sticking out of a box of trash. The tanks and reels were old and dirty so I passed them by. Digging a little deeper I found a bulk loader in good shape. It still had film in it.

I took it home and developed a foot of the film in Diafine. The edge markings were barely readable but it was Tri-X. Probably from the 90s, since the edge markings were not the 80s-era 'Safety Film 5063' or the modern '400TX'.

I got some used 35mm cassettes from Indy Photo Lab, and spooled up some short rolls for speed tests. Got some nice results at ISO 50 in Diafine.

I find the strangest stuff

Found a sleeved strip of Ektrachrome slides of a model blowing down 6th St.

A little further down, a few more strips.

Follow the trail to two bags full of prints, tear sheets, negatives, enlarged negatives, and slides. Beautiful, top-tier work.

Unfortunately everything had gotten wet so the paper was unsalvageable, but I was able to grab some of the transparent stuff. I've begun washing and drying it.

Yes, that is Elvis top center.