Workshop: Getting Started in Film Photography

I'm teaching a workshop on getting started with analog still photography on Saturday, March 2 2019 from noon-3 PM.

We'll go over how film works, what films are still available, developing, scanning and printing. We'll also discuss how to select a camera to match your artistic vision and where to buy used cameras.

The goal is to teach you enough to take the next step with film photography, whether you've never picked up a camera or you're an experienced digital photographer looking for a new challenge.

If you've got an old camera bring it and we'll see if it's still usable.

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New55 Workshop

I'll be teaching a workshop on New55 in mid-December:

Polaroid Type 55 was a unique large format instant film that made both a sharp black and white print and a fine-grained negative. It was a favorite of many photographers including Ansel Adams, and was discontinued in 2008 along with all of Polaroid's other instant films.

New55 was a wildly successful Kickstarter project to recreate Polaroid Type 55. While New55 is very different, it can yield beautiful results once you understand its quirks.

The workshop will include: 

  •  A quick history, including examples of work shot on both Type 55 and New55 
  • Materials and chemistry needed to shoot New55 
  • How to use and clean a large format Polaroid back 
  • Loading, exposing and processing 
  • Fixing and washing 
  • Special effects: Solarizing negatives 
  • Next steps: Scanning, enlarging, printing 

Participants will have the opportunity to shoot 2 sheets of New55 film. Please bring your 4x5 setup if it's portable, and a Polaroid back (545, 545i or 545 Pro) if you have one. Participants should be familiar with using a large format camera. 

Saturday, 17 December at noon • Register now