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New55 Workshop

I'll be teaching a workshop on New55 in mid-December:

Polaroid Type 55 was a unique large format instant film that made both a sharp black and white print and a fine-grained negative. It was a favorite of many photographers including Ansel Adams, and was discontinued in 2008 along with all of Polaroid's other instant films.

New55 was a wildly successful Kickstarter project to recreate Polaroid Type 55. While New55 is very different, it can yield beautiful results once you understand its quirks.

The workshop will include: 

  •  A quick history, including examples of work shot on both Type 55 and New55 
  • Materials and chemistry needed to shoot New55 
  • How to use and clean a large format Polaroid back 
  • Loading, exposing and processing 
  • Fixing and washing 
  • Special effects: Solarizing negatives 
  • Next steps: Scanning, enlarging, printing 

Participants will have the opportunity to shoot 2 sheets of New55 film. Please bring your 4x5 setup if it's portable, and a Polaroid back (545, 545i or 545 Pro) if you have one. Participants should be familiar with using a large format camera. 

Saturday, 17 December at noon • Register now